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With passing history of goods delivery which is initially used for the medium of transportation from one place to the other place. PT. GARUDA EXPRESS CARGO residing at Medan attend to give the best service with the price which competitive for the international of and domestic of cargo. PT. GARUDA EXPRESS CARGO will give the service with base of belief, satisfaction, and commitment value. In this time service which we give service by air, land and sea of international and also domestic to worldwide from North Sumatera, Indonesia, and We have cooperation relationship with shipping company worlwide. PT. GARUDA EXPRESS CARGO can deliver all goods type start from small until big size from North Sumatera to all destination. Your Goods will be handled by experienced employees with serve controlling your goods quality before sent, best service packing, till insurance guarantee for your goods. You competent to obtain get the best service and PT. GARUDA EXPRESS CARGO is solution.

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New Website Launched

Latest News
Starting from June 2005, our new website is www.gexcargo.com
You can tracking your shipping, download our current shipping rates, tune to our latest news. This website is still under development and we will try to do our best for your satisfaction.

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